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Life In Lockdown Has Dramatically Changed Buyers’ Priorities

It appears that nearly four months in lockdown has changed home buyers priorities with outside space, large kitchens and high-speed broadband taking priority over location and links to public transport. According to a survey commissioned by UK housebuilder Redrow, over 25% of prospective buyers have changed their minds over what aspects of their new homes … Continue reading Life In Lockdown Has Dramatically Changed Buyers’ Priorities

House Prices Set to Rise

According to Zoopla, the surge in demand for property following the easing of lockdown restrictions will carry strong house prices until the end of the year. Even though the rebound in activity in the housing market is expected to subside in the coming weeks in England and after an expected spike here in Scotland, the … Continue reading House Prices Set to Rise

Lowest Ever Mortgage Rates

The average interest rate for two-year and five-year fixed rate mortgages has dropped to the lowest levels since records began in 2007 according to the latest figures from Moneyfacts. That makes it a great time to remortgage. We are currently averaging lower rates than last month’s record low rate following two emergency cuts made to the … Continue reading Lowest Ever Mortgage Rates

Property Market in England Opens Back Up

The property market here in Scotland is set to stay on hold for another few weeks, despite restrictions being lifted in England. How will the ease of restrictions in England affect the property market and could we learn lessons here in Scotland about how to proceed when we are able? In England, employees who cannot … Continue reading Property Market in England Opens Back Up

Buying and Selling Property During COVID-19

Everyone in the property industry is working hard to keep things moving during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though we are social distancing, working from home and home-schooling our children, it doesn’t mean you can’t look for a new property. With many properties still for sale since the lockdown lots of estate agents are still working … Continue reading Buying and Selling Property During COVID-19

Furlough Explained

Before March this year, many people hadn’t ever head of the furlough scheme. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic it has become something that we are all now familiar with. Whether you have been furloughed by your employer or want to know more about it, here’s our brief guide. If your company cannot give … Continue reading Furlough Explained

Government Advice for Movers

This week the Government issued advice to those thinking of moving or in the middle of a transaction, and it has urged buyers and sellers to adapt and be flexible. It has been advised that if you are in the middle of a house move and a sale has been agreed, to continue with the … Continue reading Government Advice for Movers

Several Lenders Retain Their Mortgage Offering

Following the news that several lenders, including Halifax and Barclays, are withdrawing mortgage products with a high Loan to Value (LTV), Mortgage Solutions has revealed that other lenders have no plans to follow suit. In the last few days, Barclays announced that it will only accept applications on 60% LTV mortgage products and Halifax revealed … Continue reading Several Lenders Retain Their Mortgage Offering

Mortgage Payment Holidays

Mortgage lenders over the last couple of days have set out how they will provide payment holidays for up to three months for those who are financially affected by Coronovirus (COVID-19). Mortgage payments are often the largest outgoing for homeowners and lenders want to reassure them that they are working towards measures to support them … Continue reading Mortgage Payment Holidays

Coronovirus (COVID-19) and Insurance

We deal with many insurers here at The Mortgage Hub and would like to share the following general guidance on their policies in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak. There is no exclusion on many Life Cover policies that apply to COVID-19 or other infections disease, which result in the death of the plan holder. Should you … Continue reading Coronovirus (COVID-19) and Insurance

Our Policy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

At The Mortgage Hub we have been working on a contingency plan to assure our clients still receive the excellent service standards that we have always achieved. We have full remote access to all our systems should any or all of us be required to self-isolate. We want to reassure our clients that it will … Continue reading Our Policy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Interest Rate Cut – Should You Remortgage Now?

With the interest rate cut announced earlier this week, should you remortgage now? Following the interest rate cut, you may wonder how it will affect your mortgage rates and if you should remortgage. The Bank of England cut interest rates this week in a bid to support the economy during the Coronovirus outbreak. Rates were … Continue reading Interest Rate Cut – Should You Remortgage Now?